Springtime Blossoms

I was asked, today, whether I talk to my flowers and, if so, what do they say back. This question, of course, sparked an intriguing sharing session of the communications of flowers. I couldn’t help but think finally someone got it. That this crazy, daydream passion of working with flowers was understood. I was in such a mood to share after that. I think the ten dollars I would have made was well spent giving that man a bouquet and encouraging him to talk with the flowers too.

Yes, this may sound crazy. There is something to be said for interacting with your work, finding a medium in which to create that responds to you. It is a collaborative process, my floral design. It is a creation made of my response to the natural movement and personality of the flowers. 

This process seems to be enhanced in spring time. There is something about working with youthful blooms that builds a more lively conversation.The plum, cherry and tulip magnolia trees lining the highways and byways are just asking to be heard. It is a thrill to live in a place that is constantly giving you gratitude and providing natural growth that is always inspiring.  

Spring’s approach this year seems to heighten this gratitude and joyful conversation. I can’t stop thinking about a lovely little thought written by MFK Fisher in her autobiography, The Gastronomical Me:

“I think apple blossoms are perhaps the loveliest flowers in the world, because of their clarity and the mysterious way they spring so delicately from the sturdy darkness of the carved stems, with the tender little green leaves close around them.”

There is a clarity to spring through daydreams on bright clear mornings that reminds us of our passions. We can share these daydreams in the form of flowers. Passing our smiles and optimism in the form of bright blooms. By giving these floral arrangements to others we are spreading spring’s tender clarity and allowing our friends and family to enter their own daydreams through our communications with flowers.

Look for the Paeonina Pop-Up Stand along Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz every Wednesday, where I will be sharing my spring daydreams. And allow yourself to engage, interact and talk with the blooms. 

Sara Loomis