When you spend a month in Maui...

When you spend a month in Maui…

~Life slows down and priorities change. You begin to not need too many things. A bikini a pair of shorts and a coconut will do.

~A daily routine of  working from 5am to 1 or 2 and then swimming in the warm ocean until dinner is the perfect schedule.

~You start to distinguish differences between the hawaiian reggae music.  And you get to pick a few favorites.

~The simplicity of your schedule gives you time to observe the ecosystem around you. The vast amount of plant life that thrives under the strong sun and heavy rains. 

~You begin to realize the immense diversity on the island, both in people and plant life. You begin to wonder how people got to the island in the first place. And you are awed that they did.

~As a florist, you learn to appreciate a whole new flower world. One where the flowers come in bright hues with alien shapes and are more delicate than they appear. Where ice cubes need to be added to bucket water in order to keep the flowers fresh without a cooler. And where the wind plays a tricky game with design ideas.

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And in a strange way, your appreciation for the simplicity of island life increases the appreciation for the chaotic intricacies of life back on the mainland. You find a way to bring this simplicity back with you. So that the hustle and bustle of Bay Area routine begins to take on a slower form. Things that were once big stressors are looked on with a relaxed perspective that tells you “it is not the end of the world”.

You feel lucky and grateful for being able to spend a month in Maui.



Sara Loomis