The Start of a Story

Here I sit, at my usual table in Lulu Carpenter's cafe, completing the annual New Year contemplation of ‘where have I been’ and ‘where am I going’. The task always seems to take all my energy but this year feels different. The year 2015 can be summed up in one word.... exploring passion. Okay, well that was two words but you get the point. Having graduated from UCSC (go banana slugs!) this past June, I knew it was time to act on my passions. Let us go back to the beginning.
This story really begins a couple years ago when I was hired at Seascape Flowers. Located a convenient ten minute walk from where I was living at the time, I figured ‘I can walk to work and be surrounded by flowers.. what could be better?’ I was soon to learn that the job of a florist is no simple task. It is full of long days, lots of heavy lifting and a product that causes constant anxieties because well… it dies. These long days, however, served as the greatest career counseling session I have had thus far in my 22 years of life. Not only did those long sweaty days improve my upper body strength two fold, they also left me with the greatest feeling of accomplishment and passion I have ever felt.
Now return with me back to the present moment. With a chai and a completed business plan in front of me, I am filled with excitement and anticipation to share Paeonina with the world! Okay well, we will start with the Bay Area. I start sharing this blog with you all as more than a means of marketing. I hope to share my passion and the meanings I have taken from the beautiful product I have the privilege of working with. I find when I work, each flower holds a different personality and sentiment. My goal is to communicate these meanings and pass them on to you.
As Georgia O’Keeffe said, “ when you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else.” It is my goal, through Paeonina, to give my world to someone else through the arrangements I create.
Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for updates on “the little peony” and the progression of the Paeonina Flower Dictionary.

Sara Loomis